There once was a shoreline in Everett

Lined with smokestacks, shingle mills, and maybe a ferret.

In conjunction with baseball the game

Is a team with the name.

It’s the SawMillers and don’t you forget it.


The Foundation of the Lumber and Shingle Mill Legacy
When you visit the interpretive exhibits at the Port of Everett you’ll experience a sampling of the rich history from 1880s through the 21st Century and beyond.  In 1890 Tacoma industrialist Henry Hewitt and East Coast businessman Charles Colby formed the Everett Land Company with the financial backing of John D. Rockefeller. The city was planned as a home for a diversified industrial base and named for Colby’s son. Though Everett began with a variety of industries, the lumber and shingle mills soon dominated the waterfront and Everett became a premier mill town, known as the City of Smokestacks. Everett carried this nickname until post World War II.

Views of lumber and shingle mill companies along the Everett waterfront in the early 1900's: